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Welcome to my Website!

This is a paragraph! Here's how you make a link: Neocities.

Here's how you can make bold and italic text.

Here's how you can add an image:

Here's how to make a list:

Ordered list:

  1. one
  2. two
  3. three

To learn more HTML/CSS, check out these tutorials!

Below are random things I'm trying out to see what they look like and if they work!

Apparently You can make quotes, not that I would know anything about that.

There's also blockquotes
And sometimes you can put a blockquote in a figure to make it work?
-Some tutorial Website

You can add code givevaderachuckle = true; and there's also separate tags for keyboard input (ilovejabba) and sample output ( Slug Lover!).

There's also pre, which is preformatted text, which I'm assuming is something like the verbatim environment in LaTeX.

      <div id="intro">
      <h1>Some heading</h1>
      <p>Some paragraph paragraph thing thing thingy.</p>

A description list

Abbreviation for HyperText Markup Language - a language used to make web pages.
Any carnivorous animal belonging to the family Canidae.
The domesticated sub-species of the family Canidae, Canis lupus familiaris.
Moo juice
Cat beer
A white liquid produced by cows and used for human consumption.

There are more tags that you can assign to text such as address:

or definitions: allopolyploid

Abbreviations are similar to definitions:HTML

The definitions don't show up in the website itself, but they're baked into the tags, meaning that you can probably write something that uses them? Come back later.

You can change the direction of text: god lmth or god lmth.

HTML has the functionality through ins and del to track changes. They have fields that include dates and reason for insertions and deletions to track edits:

I have decided to decrease increase the amount of free ice cream that the State will provide for its citizens.

Other effects can be achieved by span, which is the inline equivalent of div. Check the css sheet or Leon Arnott's site to see which ones I have that are neat (for example rumble or outline). The sheet also modifies mark: Like this.

Sectioning and other large scale tags

Example of sectioning using article, sections, headers, and footers:


[An introduction]


[End notes]

Adding Asides:


[All about Tixall]

[Maybe a bit more about Tixall]

nav is used to group navigation links:

Notice that all of these have no inherent formatting, you have to assign everything through the CSS stylesheet. That's pretty nuts, if you ask me!