On the Horizon

  1. Style the light/dark buttons
  2. figure out how to do collapsible sections of text Good for:
    • The LocalData disclaimer under the light/dark buttons
    • Creating an unobtrusive navbar in mobile
  3. Create animated logos for the four sections of the site (maybe not weirdo yet)
    • Shelving it for now but still need to do mathprog and weirdo
  4. Figure out how to standardize the left navbar. (jQuery load? Frames? Something?)
  5. Figure out a color scheme for each section of the site
    • siteinfo
    • Mathprog (probably a nice calming blue)
    • Games (I'm thinking green?)
    • Weirdo (Oh you better believe this is gonna be rainbow :3)
  6. Start filling in siteinfo

Next Horizon

  1. Style a blog-type content for the various "Project blogs" (list of collapsible sections with title and date)
  2. Style a picture-blog-type content (list of collapsible sections with image and title (and maybe date))
    • Replaced with allowing blog-type content to have thumbnails instead. Otherwise, anything that is thumbnail-centric (i.e. needs big thumbnail) should be a gallery.
  4. I should make things tagged with "strong" a different color. I guess that means I need a secondary font color?
  5. Style a gallery-type content (grid of images/thumbnails, with link to full image/description)
  6. Put an "Updated" section on the homepage (and siteinfo) to see recently updated
  7. Figure out how to convert LaTeX to html well for including writing and tutorials in mathprog (see: this tutorial)
  8. Guestbook for siteinfo
    • I want to make it so that people can draw a picture along with their note
    • I know that's a whole project in and of itself, and since I don't know javascript it could end up taking forever
    • so maybe "horizon" is a little hopeful, haha
  9. "Quiet corner" pages for each section of the website
    • Include a nice picture for each light/dark style of each section
    • Only two things: a back button and a music player that plays themed ambient sounds for each section (e.g. rain sounds for dark theme of mathprog)
  10. Buttons and stuff for siteinfo (decorate leftnav with buttons??????)
  11. IDEA: make the section buttons on leftnav collapsibles that include sub-pages????????? Is that even worth?????? Is two clicks too much to get somewhere???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
    • I'm not doing it
  12. Make site logo and a big version for the front page
  13. Make a favicon that makes sense given the site logo

This page is is meant to catalog the upcoming features for the website, and what I want to include.

General Todo

  1. Site Skeleton
    • Plan out what kinds of content I want and what format it has (blog, images, math-articles, etc.)
    • Plan out what pages I still need and link everything together (through navbars, etc.)
    • Create templates for types of content so that inserting content is easy (e.g. create template for blog post so that only text needs to be inserted to create a new post)
  2. Site appearance
    • Find out how I want it to look. Requires research and inspiration and a soul (hard to come by!).
      • Possible inspiration:
        • https://iosion.neocities.org/home.html: Practical but personal. Achievable, but tasteful. A very solid example of a personal website without crazy amounts of flair or difficult javascript.
        • https://deaddreams.neocities.org/: Dark. Personal. Expressive. But equally, easy to navigate. All the necessary information about updates and projects is easily found on the front page, without sacrificing any of the artistic vision as a whole.
        • https://aconfuseddragon.neocities.org/: Iconic. The perfect example of taking an inspiration or aesthetic from an outside source and implementing it as a style of website.
        • https://marijn.uk/: Worth exploring. A fusion of many different features implemented together seamlessly. Basically a perfect blog, complete with very little distraction from the main central content (the blog), but expressive and freeform through the use of color, text effects, background imagery, asides, and a cohesive style.
        • https://novov.neocities.org/: The definition of sleek. Each page is tailored to the content it has. All of it is formatted exquisitely. Smooth as hell and worth learning from if you're looking for a clean "new-web" style that is an expression of neatness and stability as opposed to the more organic (but more chaotic) forms of self expression found in other websites.
        • https://aegi.neocities.org/: Cute. Fun. Whimsical. Full of story. A quieter, more reserved (and more structured) form of self-expression. Like sitting back with a cup of tea and a cat on the couch next to you. Healing.
        • https://ajknox.neocities.org/: Very pleasant place to be. The style is deceptively simple, but clearly a lot of work has gone into making everything seem very comfortable and nice to look at. I especially like the background images. Has a similar organization to what I want, which separates the more professional, polished stuff from the stuff that's more personal/hyperfixated. I like the idea of a garden.
      • Who am I? How do I want to express myself? What do I want to make? What is the best format for different aspects of my personality? How do I even begin to answer these questions?
        • Take a deep breath.
        • Take a deep breath.
        • Panic anyway.
      • What makes a good website in general?
        • Navbars: Should every part of the site be accessible at all times? How many clicks away is too many? How do I make Navbars look good so that they're there when you need them but not intrusive when you don't? Fixed position or not? Separate scrolling or not? Small and purely practical, or bigger but decorated?
        • Front Page: What should the front page be like? Should I have an enter website page? I think it would be a good idea to have a what has updated on the site section. How do I do that practically? Do I have to change the front page manually every time?
        • Manageability: What do I choose to focus on? Why do I feel so tired all the time? Will it ever end?
        • Simple vs. Ornate: Is it better for a site to be heavily decorated or simple? There are many examples of ornate sites that are still perfectly readable, so it's not an inherent trade-off of style vs. practicality. Simplicity is a stylistic choice in itself in this medium. So where do I stand?
        • Winging It vs. Working With Intention: Exactly as it sounds. On one hand, there's not a lot of room for experimentation and not a lot might get done if I plan too much, but on the other, if I don't plan stuff out, I might get frustrated from not making enough progress.
    • Style the not weird part of the site (goes hand in hand with making content templates).
    • Create separate stylesheet for the weird part of the site (goes hand in hand with making content templates).
  3. Adding content
    • Site info
      • about and site index/table of contents
      • todo (see: this page)
      • site updates log
      • Guest book
    • Math and Programming
      • Math and Programming guides and links to resources (esp for programming)
      • Cool concepts in math
      • Math animations gallery
      • Current Projects / Dev Blog
    • Games
      • Game That I have played and have opinions on
      • Games and assets that I have worked on (with links)
      • Current Projects / Dev Blog / Gamer Blog
    • Weirdo Stuff
      • This will basically be its own site, so I will figure out what to do with it later. (It's also the most important part to me personally so I will do it last so that I can practice on the earlier sections first, haha)
    • Graphics
      • Site Logo
      • Section logos (math, games, siteinfo, wierdo)
      • Background images (if necessary)
      • Some cute replacement for pikachu construction gif.
      • Userboxes / Internet Flair

Dev Learning Todo